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  Account Management

Investor'sView™ Account Management consists of six categories: Account Information, Asset Notes, Excluded Assets, Contact Management, Prospect Accounts, and Related Accounts.

Feature Summary:
  • Account Information provides the ability to enter/edit specific information about a portfolio
  • Account Notes can be stored at the account level. This includes all previous notes, including the user who wrote the note and a date/time stamp.
  • Excluding Assets temporarily removes a specific holding within a portfolio for reporting purposes only.
  • Contact Management offers the flexibility to enter address information and contact information into the service.
  • Prospect Accounts provides the ability to enter prospective portfolios for, among other uses, new business presentations and review of assets managed outside your organization. Then prospect portfolios can be opened as a "real" portfolio for reporting and other purposes.
  • Related Accounts provides the ability to create account groups or relationships. They are used to provide a combined view of the entire relationship, not just one account at a time. In addition, these grouped accounts can utilize the Reporting utilities for a total overall report of the entire group’s holdings.

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