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Investor'sView™ built-in compliance system is ideal for reviewing portfolios online. Investor'sView™ clients use the service to easily determine if the portfolios are falling out of line with their investment objectives. This services the purpose of regulatory compliance and reviewing the holdings of accounts on an ad-hoc scheduled or annualized basis. Feature Summary:

  • Prompts portfolio managers when an account’s annual or scheduled review is due, or when a review is overdue.
  • Investor'sView™ notifies you of any portfolios not reviewed during the month.
  • The ability to easily collaborate with other money managers and administrators in the company.
  • Saves and stores the portfolio’s investment objective and discretion at the time the review is initiated.
  • Lookup feature that enables you to identify when each money manager has completed reviews, but the reviews need to be closed out by investment committee or signed off by another user.
  • An Investment Review Package contains everything you need to know about the portfolio before a review should be completed. (Investment Objective’s Asset Allocation Model, Bank’s Stock, Off-List Holdings, etc.).
  • Paperless reviews: Electronic storage of annual and scheduled reviews
  • Managers will know when each Investment Officer or Administrative Officer has initiated a review and can track the progress.
  • Managers are prompted when a new account is added to the service.

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