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Investor'sView™ modeling provides an area to create and/or update your investment models. There are Areas of modeling: Asset Allocation, Sector Allocation, and Equity Models that you can customize to conform to your organizations policies and objectives. Feature Summary:

  • Asset Allocation provides the ability to store high-level (at the major class) asset allocation models. There is no limitation on the number of models that can be stored. Each investment objective maintains one model and every portfolio should be assigned an investment objective. The percentage allocations are entered for fixed income, equity and cash. By using the Management Reporting features it is very easy to determine if one or more portfolios are out of balance when comparing the portfolio to the asset allocation model.
  • Sector Allocation provides the ability to enter a preferred economic sector model. You then have the ability to run reports that compare portfolios to the preferred S&P 500 sector weightings and the "actual" S&P 500 sector weightings. Investor'sView™ mirrors the SP 500 in that there are ten sectors, and the descriptions are identical to those of the S&P.
  • Equity Models provide you with the ability to build and customize equity models to be used in rebalancing portfolios to stay inline with your investment guidelines. Currently, all models are saved and stored at the organizational level, so if a model changes it will impact all users in the organization.

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